Electro Sex Stimulation

Estim: Where sparks fly in the bedroom! This electrifying trend in adult play sends tingles down spines and jolts through bodies. It's not your grandma's idea of a good time, unless she's secretly into electro BDSM. Short for electrical stimulation, estim turns up the heat with controlled zaps. Think of it as a sexy science experiment. It's electro play for consenting adults who like their fun with a side of buzz.
From gentle tickles to intense shocks, electro sex toys offer a range of sensations. It's perfect for thrill-seekers and those who want more than just vanilla fun. Curious? Start small. A tiny tingle can lead to big thrills. Pair with other bondage and BDSM toys like a mouth gag, BDSM collar, handcuffs and bondage restraints for the full experience.
Always remember, safety first! Proper gear is a must. This isn't the time to DIY. Invest in quality bondage equipment designed for electro play. Your body will thank you. Electrastim can target specific spots, or light up your whole body. Add some extra spark with our full range of sex toys, and enjoy responsibly. 
Electro Sex Stimulation - Rapture Works