Medical Fetish

Medical fetish, for all the naughty nurses and doctors out there! From Wartenberg pinwheels that will send shivers down your spine, to vaginal and anal speculums that will make you say ‘ahh’ in more than one way! RaptureWorks has got you covered when it comes to satisfying your inner medical maverick.

Take a look at our range of dilators and dilator sets, because sometimes, size does matter after all, and you know what they say, practice makes perfect. These graduated toys are great for both training and teasing. A bit like a butt plug set.

Let these be just another tool in the toolbox though, they’re great for pairing with the rest of your bondage gear. Think bondage restraints, leather bondage gear, nipple clamps and BDSM collars. The combinations are endless. Don’t forget the latex gloves for that authentic medical feel (and easy cleanup!) For those who love to mix pleasure with pain, try combining a bondage wheel with some Estim products. It’s guaranteed to get your neurons firing!

So, whether you’re roleplaying a physical exam or just enjoy the clinical precision of medical fetish toys, we’ve got everything you need. Just remember, aftercare is crucial especially in medical play. So, stock up on soothing lotions and comfy blankets. Now, who’s ready for their monthly check up?

Medical Instruments - Rapture Works
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