Male Masturbator

Male masturbators: the ultimate gear for solo adventures. From pocket pussies to full-on sex doll torsos, these sex toys truly are a man’s best friend. The days of using your hands are long gone! Looking for a realistic vagina? We’ve got you covered. Our vagina toys feel exactly like the real deal- soft, stretchy and wet. But why stop there? Ass and pussy sex toys give you double the fun. Front or back, you choose the track. Great for those days where you’re feeling exotic, or you can mix and match every time, because why not?

If you prefer more of a full experience, we’ve got your back. Try a sex torso with boobs, ass and the rest. It’s like having a willing partner, minus the small talk and date nights. All pleasure, no pressure. Remember, all of these masturbators are designed to look and feel just like the real deal. Close your eyes, and you might forget it’s not a real woman! The fun doesn’t end here though, check out the full male sex toys collection including Fleshlight, sex dolls and male vibrators. There’s literally something for everyone. So grab a hands free male masturbator and get to work. Your hand will thank you for the break.

Realistic Vaginas - Rapture Works
Stroke It Life Size Pussy Flesh Brown - Rapture Works