Love Egg

The joy of love eggs. These tiny marvels really do give an intense amount of pleasure. A vibrating egg is a great way to add some zing to your playtime. With these sex toys, you can turn up the heat and let the good times roll at just the press of a button. Looking for something that screams portable and discreet? The egg sex toy is the way to go. Pop it in your purse or pocket (or elsewhere) for sexual pleasure on the go. Love eggs are a cheeky addition to any nightstand. On top of this, check out the rest of our remote control vibrators for alternatives.

Good for solo play, but even better with a partner. The buzz is sure to scramble your senses in the best way possible. Along with other vibrators, a love egg can offer endless amounts of fun. Perfect to pair with anal sex toys, dildos and vibrating nipple clamps

So get ready to hatch some excitement and crack a small. Love eggs are the playful, portable treat you never knew you needed. Get yours today and start buzzing with joy.

Vibrating Eggs - Rapture Works