Sex Whip & Floggers

Sex whips and floggers, stepping up your bedroom game with just the flick of a wrist! Whatever you prefer, gentle teases or firm swats, they offer different sensations. Leather, suede or silicone, pick your poison. We’ve got short handles for precision, or long for dramatic swings. Braided, knotted or fringed, there’s a unique thrill for everyone. Pair them with bondage restraints for next level sessions. Handcuffs, ropes or spreader bars – the choices (and angles) are endless! Or if you’re just starting out, try out a beginner bondage kit. And never forget the essentials like sexy blindfolds and mouth gags. 

If you’re new to this, just remember, safety first! Start softly and build up. Build up trust and tension in equal measure. Tease and discover erogenous zones with light trails or focus on the sweet spots with targeted strikes. Mix things up by heating or cooling the flogger. You can thank us later. Need more? Think paddles, crops or canes for variety. You can heighten the senses with feather ticklers and the more extreme stuff in the medical fetish section. Don’t forget, consent and aftercare are key. Let your imagination run wild and embrace the feeling wit our Sex Whip & Floggers collection. Who knew how amazing a little sting could be?

Whips - Rapture Works
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