Mouth Gag

Mouth gags: the kinky way to say "Shh!" These little numbers are a staple in any serious bondage gear collection. From classic ball gags to more exotic options, there's something every taste and noise level. The ball gag reigns supreme in the world of oral restraints. It's the poster child of BDSM, often paired with handcuffs for that classic "bound and gagged" look. But why stop there? Explore bit gags for your inner pony, or try a ring one for some open-mouthed fun.
Remember, drooling happens. It's all part of the fun! Pair your oral toy with a bib for mess-free play, or embrace the slobber - we don't judge around here! A gentle reminder that safety comes first, kinksters! Always create non-verbal safe signals before your session. And maybe skip using one if you've got a cold. Nobody wants a snot-covered ball gag. Well, unless you’re into that kind of thing.
To complete the look? Add a BDSM collar for that "owned and silenced" vibe. Throw in a sex whip or flogger for some impact play. Just remember, a gagged partner can't yell "Ouch!" so pay attention to body language. Ready to play? Choose wisely, safely, and enjoy the silence!
Gags and Bits - Rapture Works
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