Sexy Blindfold

A sexy blindfold is a beautiful perfect tease, turning your plain old bedroom into a sensory playground. From silky soft to luxe leather, these vision blockers raise anticipation and heighten every touch. Great for pairing with feather ticklers for a cheeky dance across the skin. Or go full dom with some handcuffs and sex whips. The world is your oyster when your partner can’t see what’s coming next! 

Choose from classic black, flirty lace and even some with cheeky messages. Some come with matching wrist restraints for some extra kink. If you’re new to this, most beginner bondage kits come with all the essentials. There’s plenty more where that came from though, mix with other sex toys for more mind-blowing fun. The feeling of vibrators, dildos and anal sex toys is seriously intense when your eyes are covered… believe us on that one! That’s not all though, step it up even more with Estim, BDSM collars and mouth gags. The combinations are endless!

You haven’t truly experienced BDSM and bondage without a sexy blindfold. For a more full-on experience, check out our range of bondage hoods. Slip one on and let the rest of your senses lead the way. After all, sometimes the hottest action happens behind closed eyes! 

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