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How to sanitize a Fleshlight: tips for maintaining freshness and sensation

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Taking proper care of your Fleshlight is crucial for increasing its lifespan and maintaining cleanliness. This guide will explain how to thoroughly disinfect your Fleshlight.

Whether you've invested in one of the best Fleshlights or chosen your own masturbator, you've made a wise purchase. Fleshlights may be some of the best sex toys for men since they're less intimidating than others. However, you'll want to keep your toy working well and, most importantly, clean and hygienic, right? If you care for your male sex toy, it will continue performing for a long time.

Cleaning your Fleshlight, drying it, and maintaining it isn't as exciting as using it. But you must do it, no excuses. This is true whether you have an official Fleshlight brand or one of the many great alternatives.

So why is cleaning important? According to sex expert "Lubricants and bodily fluids can deteriorate a toy over time, so cleaning after use is vital for longevity. An unclean toy can also have negative health effects - your genitals are very sensitive, so you don't want to expose them to bacteria from a dirty toy. Always play it safe and clean after each use."

A Fleshlight has many parts, so take it apart to ensure everything is pristine before next use. Note that any well-made toy with a soft inner texture should be built for easy cleaning - if not, it's likely not worth your money or genitals.


  • First remove the sleeve from the case.
  • Wash the case before the sleeve since it also gets dirty. Use mild soap and warm water, but don't use soap on the sleeve itself as it damages the material.
  • Rinse and dry the case thoroughly.

Cleaning the sleeve is most important, even if you avoid making a mess during use. According to sex expert "Like clothes, sex toys need regular cleaning. Not making a visible mess doesn’t mean the toy is clean. It can get dirty over time, so clean occasionally even if unused."


  1. Run warm (not hot) water through both ends. Too hot can damage the material, especially Fleshlight's sensitive SuperSkin.
  2. With water flowing, reach into both ends and rub the sides to dislodge gunk. Strokers have crevices where lube and fluids hide from running water. You can also fill one end with water, cover the other, shake, then rinse.
  1. Add toy cleaner to dissolve any leftover lube and debris. See below for which cleaners to use.

You must air dry both sleeve and case. For the case, wipe excess moisture with a paper towel. For the sleeve, air drying takes time, so follow our instructions below. Don't use heat, as it damages the sleeve.

Note: Some toys include specialized drying tools.

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